Kim Catanzano

Wraparound Services Surround Foster Youth, Families with Help

The wraparound model, a structured, creative and individualized team planning process, is far more accommodating to foster youth dealing with trauma and mental health issues than the traditional model of putting youth struggling with permanence into a group home, according to Lincoln Child Center CEO Christine Stoner-Mertz.

Women’s Center Works to Lower Recidivism Rates With ‘Immersion in Sisterhood’

“I just figured since I was under 18 and I could do whatever and just end up in juvenile hall, I didn’t care,” Danielle Robinson said. “There were times I felt like I was going to change but that’s only because I was locked up. Once I got back on the street, I acted the same.”

But when she turned 18, things changed for Robinson — she served her last sentence in juvenile hall and had a daughter one year later.

Beron Thompkins

South LA Teens on Probation Get Nurtured in BLOOM Program

LOS ANGELES — Beron Thompkins remembers his first encounter with the Los Angeles Police Department when he was a 12-year-old. He and his 14-year-old cousin were walking down the street in their south LA neighborhood when two policemen driving by asked them to pull up their shirts.