JJIE Change Makers Collaborative

Racial-Ethnic Fairness

Juvenile Indigent Defense

Community-Based Alternatives

Mental Health &
Substance Abuse

We at the JJIE are excited to announce our new Change Makers Collaborative! We want to provide you the opportunity to have your voice heard. As active members of the youth justice community your thoughts, opinions and ideas are vital in inducing change.

By joining the Change Makers Collaborative  you can help form our thought leader discussions led by experts in four subsets: Racial-Ethnic Fairness, Juvenile Indigent Defense, Community-Based Alternatives, and Mental Health & Substance Abuse issues. You will also receive a monthly topical newsletter with breaking news, tips for getting involved in your community, useful resources, relevant research, networking with your peers nationwide and participation in the big discussions.

Here is how everyone interested in juvenile justice and especially the youth will benefit from joining the Collaborative:

  • Your ideas will be shared with other change makers including ones who can affect change quickly
  • Other change makers will get to know you through shared ideas
  • Together each of us will be stronger in making real change
  • Some of you will emerge as thought leaders
  • Your support will mean even more JJIE news, commentary, resources and research

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