What is the Public Insight Network?

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At the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange we pursue stories by finding the people who know.

We’re looking for people who care about children, whether they work in the juvenile justice system, treat young people in trouble, keep kids out of trouble, or worry about their own children. We’re also looking for teens over 13 who want to share their experiences. We’re offering a relationship. You sign up and we ask for some information about you. About every month we email you a fresh set of questions related to our news priorities. You contact the journalist in charge of the Network whenever you want to share more information. You find out when we’re working on something that could involve you.

JJIE.org uses sources in the Public Insight Network to:

  • Discover news stories that have not been reported.
  • Find fresh insights and perspectives for news stories.
  • Find people who can help tell the stories we are following.

The Public Insight Network is a private database that we use to inform our reporting. Here’s how:

Information you provide in a Web form or email is not published and does not leave the newsroom and will not be published without your permission.

Your information is read by Editorial Director Ellen Miller and Reporter Chandra Thomas. They prepare the files, contact the sources from the database who are involved and transfer the appropriate information.

Source information used by our news team is not in the public realm unless you agree. A reporter and editor will decide whether to contact you, and they walk you through the process as they would for any other JJIE source.

We never use your information for anything other than journalism.

We never use your information for marketing or fundraising.

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