Public Insight Network FAQ's

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What is the Public Insight Network?

The Public Insight Network is a database of news sources. We are using email, the Internet and a database to capture local knowledge. Having a bank of hundreds of news sources allows our journalists to work smarter. If you’re in the Public Insight Network, you can help us cover news and issues and expand our agenda by raising new subjects.

The Center for Sustainable Journalism is working on several projects:

Senior journalism students at Kennesaw State University are covering the mid-term elections in Georgia. Their stories will be posted at

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange covers children and the law at

The Green Building Chronicle covers sustainable construction and design at

How do I sign up?

  • You sign up automatically if you answer one of our question forms on the web.
  • There’s also our online sign–up form, which allows you to tell us more about your background.

How does it work?

You’ll receive an email about once a month with some links to question forms. We access your experience and expertise directly by searching for it in our database. You’ll hear from the editor if your name comes up in a search.

The Network works best when our news sources take us off our agenda and into new territory. You can use your presence in the Public Insight Network to tell us what we should be following.

Where is my information?

Everything our news sources send us lands in the Network’s database, keeping information up–to–date and searchable.

Who looks at my information?

Responses go to the Center for Sustainable Journalism’s editors and reporters, who read everything and may respond with a request for more information. Reach us for more information at ( or call 678-797-2899.

The editor passes information on to reporters on a quick turnaround. They will email you to say they are passing on the information and provide details on the story being prepared.

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to our unsubscribe page. There’s a link to it at the bottom of every monthly email. One click and you’re out.

We never use your information for anything other than journalism.
We never use your information for marketing or fundraising.

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