Using Mainstream Media to Open Eyes to Human Trafficking

Reporter Leif Coorlim traveled to Cambodia, Haiti and the Philippines to document the stories of victims of human trafficking – including girls as young as 12 who had been coerced into sex work – who remain trapped by debt and the threat of violence.

Chicago: A National Hub for Human Trafficking

When Marelyn Garcia met the man who would become her boyfriend, little did she know he would become the trigger to her heroin addiction, and eventually her pimp, after he coerced her into working the streets to fund their addiction. Human trafficking incidents in the U.S. have been increasingly steadily, with a cumulative total of 2,515 known incidents by mid-2010.

Facing Bittersweet Moments and Hard Truths as NYC Juvenile Public Defender

As a Public defender with the Legal Aid Society’s Adolescent Intervention and Diversion Project, Donna Henken works with 13- to 15-year-olds charged with felony crimes. These adolescents are known as juvenile offenders and they are tried in adult criminal court rather than family court. Henken’s clients struggle with the same issues as juveniles in the family court system. According to the Legal Aid Society, about 20 percent of these youth have experience with the foster care system. Almost two-thirds have special-education needs and about 25 percent of them have significant mental health issues that require ongoing care.