Sentenced to Life Without Parole As a Juvenile: Edward Knight | Age 59

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Richard Ross

Edward Knight | Age 59

"No one visits me anymore. My last visit was in 1996, twenty years ago."

For more than a decade I have interviewed more than 1,000 kids in 35 states. What of these kids who were sentenced to long sentences and JLWOP, life sentences without parole? These kids become adults who become geriatric. These are the people I have interviewed for the past year.

These are their stories. There are more than 2,000 people — juveniles serving life without parole all over the country. These are some of their voices. These are their faces.

This is a series by Richard Ross that will run every other Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Sentenced to Life Without Parole As a Juvenile: Edward Knight | Age 59

  1. Ridiculous but this issue is falling on deaf ears. Everyone deserves a second chance. I understand that topic is juveniles being sentenced to mandatory life but the focus should just be juveniles receiving lengthy sentences period. Since this initiative, they will just downgrade life w/o parole to life with “the possibility” of parole…and they’re not even letting them out.

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