Video Shows Crying Young Girl Handcuffed at New York Protest

The young girl is weeping and terrified, surrounded by members of the New York Police Department, her hands cuffed behind her back while outraged protesters shout a mix of pleas and threats to let her go. The chaotic scene was captured on a 21-second snippet of video that was deleted from Twitter about 10 minutes after being posted.

Role of Guns Not Tracked For LGBT Community

Today, Synthia Roy works at a tattoo parlor in Jacksonville, Fla., she does set design and makeup for horror films and recently produced her second movie.

Proposed Waiting Period Law for Firearms Aims to Save Lives of Suicidal Alabamians

This story is part of a series on public health and firearms. The first examined groups working to reduce homicide in Birmingham. The second interviewed Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin about his office’s peace initiative. The third examined a proposed voluntary “do not sell” list for Alabamians suffering mental illness, which aims to prevent firearm access for people with suicidal ideation.

trauma: 3 men talk outside.

Youth Caught in Crosshairs of Cycles of Gun Violence. Is Anybody Listening?

Cassio Batteast, a community advocate in Jackson, recently sat down with 20 of the students in the local school district who were causing the most trouble.
Over weekly meetings, they gradually opened up to him.
“I learned that 10 of the 20 had fathers who had been murdered or fathers who had murdered someone. Half,” he said.