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The Post-secondary Experience in the Juvenile Justice Environment, Part 3

As previously covered, clear and timely communication, flexibility, plus a collaborative mindset are the essential elements of a vibrant juvenile justice or social services internship. However, without enthusiastic initiative taken by students, instructors and supervisors alike, gaps may develop which could undermine the best of plans or intentions.

That White House on the Corner

The kids don’t have a name for the building at the corner of Gracie and Hurst streets. When they want to make the plans to hang out they just say, “let’s meet at that white house on the corner.”

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Juvenile Justice Big Data in the Era of Big Policing

Big data has already come to big city policing. The technology may be new, but some juvenile justice advocates worry that it may already be compromised by an age-old tech problem: Garbage in, garbage out.

Restorative Justice Helps Us Take Kids Where They Want to Go

Humans of Restorative Justice (HORJ) stories highlight the incredible individuals working to build and restore strong relationships in their communities. They are written and edited by David Levine based on interviews with real-world practitioners. This one is with Keyonn of New York, New York.