fees and fines: Man with gray hair counts dollars and coins at table

Moratorium on Juvenile Court Fees and Fines Can Ease Family Burdens During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic explodes into a full-blown public health and economic crisis, states around the country are beginning to recognize that now is not the time to assess and collect fees and fines in the criminal legal system. These emergency reforms are win-win: Families keep the money they need for daily survival, and criminal courts free up their time and attention to concentrate on more pressing issues.

Alabama: Man with white beard, mustache, wearing glasses, white shirt holds up plaque.

How to Help Struggling Kids During Coronavirus

This time of year usually marks year-end celebrations and summer preparations for youth. But with regular traditions like prom and graduation on hold, and with many jobs in limbo, teenagers in Alabama aren’t sure what to expect for the coming months.