4 seated, unhappy-looking young people look at woman in jacket and glasses holding a clipboard who faces them. Man on far left in dark hoodie, jeans gestures to her.

Police in Illinois Are Helping Substance Abusers Get Into Rehab Instead of Arresting Them

Ronald Reagan didn’t start the war on drugs but he did his best to finish it. Law enforcement budgets soared, the jails were packed and the war was carried as far afield as Latin America and Afghanistan.

So it might count as one of history’s minor ironies that here in Dixon, just a few blocks from Reagan’s boyhood home, the local police have called a ceasefire in the war on drugs.

concept as a human head brain made of cement being destroyed or renovated by a group of wrecking ball objects with 3D illustration.

Help Crime Victims By Committing to Restorative Justice

From the federal level to state legislatures across the country, criminal justice reform measures are a hot topic of conversation and proposed legislation. What is often lost in those conversations are the views and voices of victims.

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It’s Time for Different Strategies to Fight Racial Disparities

Those of us who have spent months and years working to make responses to youthful law violations effective, equitable and more just have much to be proud of. The volume of philanthropic investments working in sites directly, supporting research, advancing science, incentivizing advocacy and in some cases organizing have made a significant difference in youth justice practices.

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Rikers Doesn’t Put Teens in Solitary; Other New York Jails Do

Solitary confinement is not allowed for inmates younger than 18 at federal and state-run facilities in New York, but for teens like Imani — held in a county jail, waiting for their cases to be heard — it’s a common practice. Local jails use solitary as punishment, and since many counties rarely have separate facilities for juveniles, isolation cells are also routinely used as holding cells for minors.

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The Post-secondary Experience in the Juvenile Justice Environment, Part 3

As previously covered, clear and timely communication, flexibility, plus a collaborative mindset are the essential elements of a vibrant juvenile justice or social services internship. However, without enthusiastic initiative taken by students, instructors and supervisors alike, gaps may develop which could undermine the best of plans or intentions.

That White House on the Corner

The kids don’t have a name for the building at the corner of Gracie and Hurst streets. When they want to make the plans to hang out they just say, “let’s meet at that white house on the corner.”

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Juvenile Justice Big Data in the Era of Big Policing

Big data has already come to big city policing. The technology may be new, but some juvenile justice advocates worry that it may already be compromised by an age-old tech problem: Garbage in, garbage out.