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Epidemic of HIV Among Youth Needs Structural Repair, Experts Believe

Giovanni Blair McKenzie

Many people who work with adolescents are concerned that a lack of education and information when they come of age sexually might be contributing to the rise in the HIV infection rate.

“We teach young children how to brush their teeth. Why wouldn’t we teach them to take care of their penis?” asked Maisha Drayton, senior director of staff development and a counselor at Evergreen Health Services in Buffalo, N.Y.

Thomas Davis, 23, also a youth ambassador at the Portland conference, said outreach from the medical community is important.
“In 2015, there’s no excuse for us to not have the information we need. This is an issue that involves all of us.” Continue Reading →

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NY Families of Youngsters Killed by Police Want Political Reform

A young protester has a powerful message.

Family members of youngsters killed by New York City police are imploring the governor to enact a law that would create a special prosecutor to investigate such killings.

New York activists have argued for decades that the New York Police Department and the prosecutors’ offices in the five boroughs work together too closely to have them be honest arbiters in investigating police abuse. Continue Reading →

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