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[Photos] ‘Shell Shocked’ Documents Violence in New Orleans

Shell Shocked

It’s easier to get a gun than a textbook in New Orleans, America’s murder capital. ‘Shell-Shocked’ — a movie filled with violence, death and schoolroom chaos — stunned the young Bronx audience in New York. A New Orleans teen pleads “I really do not, do not want to die young! I do no want to stay here because I don’t want to die.” Continue Reading →

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OP-ED: The Impacts of Truancy

Jessica Pinson Pennington

Dropping out of school is not a singular event. It is a slow process of disengagement that requires us to look at the primary reasons children are absent and then devise mechanisms to pull them back from the brink. Continue Reading →

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OP-ED: New Ways to Serve and Protect: Reflections of a Former Police Chief

Roy L. Juncker Jr.

In 1997, as the youngest chief of police to be elected to the city of Westwego, La.’s municipal office, I was confident in my ability to serve and protect. My previous law enforcement training and experience taught me the value of holding citizens accountable for law violations — including adolescents. Community safety was of paramount concern and the reason I was elected. Continue Reading →

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