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Hollywood Kids See Action with Cops


The Hollywood PAL program, one of the largest Police Activities/Athletics League programs in the Los Angeles area, gives students a positive alternative to gangs and drug.

It offers programs in martial arts, soccer and Hollywood Fit Club (marathon-training, hiking, dance and other fitness activities) six days per week to children under the age of 18.

Statewide and national PAL programs are intended to encourage children to build strong, trusting relationships with officers in their communities. Continue Reading →

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Only 15 States Have Drug Amnesty Laws to Protect Overdosers, Friends

Tanya and Taylor Smith

Georgia is the 15th U.S. state to pass a law ensuring those who call 911 in case of an overdose will not face criminal charges. These so-called Good Sam laws, the first of which was passed in New Mexico in 2001, aim to save lives by getting medical help, not criminal charges, for someone who has overdosed. The laws also protect the friend who calls 911 and stays with the person. Continue Reading →

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[Photos] ‘Shell Shocked’ Documents Violence in New Orleans

Shell Shocked

It’s easier to get a gun than a textbook in New Orleans, America’s murder capital. ‘Shell-Shocked’ — a movie filled with violence, death and schoolroom chaos — stunned the young Bronx audience in New York. A New Orleans teen pleads “I really do not, do not want to die young! I do no want to stay here because I don’t want to die.” Continue Reading →

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OP-ED: The Impacts of Truancy

Jessica Pinson Pennington

Dropping out of school is not a singular event. It is a slow process of disengagement that requires us to look at the primary reasons children are absent and then devise mechanisms to pull them back from the brink. Continue Reading →

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