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"If we can get these kids to believe, and if we can get these parents on board to believe, we can make these connections and we can make these families," says Amber Williams of You Gotta Believe!

Jeff Wallace 2016

More, Longer Solitary Confinement Molds Recidivists

I arrived at the Anamosa Iowa Men’s Reformatory in October 1992. I can still remember riding in the van, wearing a set of cold steel shackles and handcuffs attached to a long dog chain that went around my waist and attached to a black box. The black box was padlocked around the cuffs, immobilizing my hands.

Speaking from the Grave

Well, we meet again, Mr. Webb, but this time it's under different
circumstances. I'm speaking to you from the grave and you're in the


I Miss My Daughter

I know it’s been a while since I said I’d send my story to The Beat Within, but it’s just such a difficult situation. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m so lost for words, my thoughts of sanity sometimes even leave me.


For People of Faith, Youth Justice Must Be a Priority

We must ask ourselves how we can celebrate the sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins or the deliverance of our ancestors while incarcerating our youth of color for sins for which we grant others redemption.


Always a Need: Recruiting Foster Parents

"They're kids. They need a home; they need to be loved," says Catherine Harm, a social worker and prospective foster parent. Harm and her partner, Erica Chesser, are in the process of applying to become foster parents, including an in-home orientation session

James Forza plays Jarvis Jay Masters in "IN|PRISM: Boxed In and Blacked Out in America,” by the Truthworker Theatre Company.

NY Theater Company Tells Story of Man’s Life in Prison System

Boots stomped rhythmically on the ground. Angry voices pulsed through the air. A capella voices pounded like a heartbeat, growing steadily faster and louder. The escalating cacophony was directed at the man sitting on the edge of the cot. He held his hands to his head.