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OP-ED: Leaving the Past Behind: Sealing Juvenile Records


Justice-involved youth across the nation may experience extended harmful effects from punitive policies regarding their juvenile records, whether they are likely to reoffend or not.  However, youth in California may soon have access to the opportunities afforded by a clean slate. Legislation proposed by state Sen. Mark Leno would allow the automatic sealing of juvenile records for young people deemed reformed, as judged by their successful completion of statutory and probationary requirements. The bill only applies to offenses already sealable under current law and excludes felonies committed when aged 14 or older. This bill reflects the wealth of relevant research into immaturity resulting from the partially developed adolescent brain, and the impact of education on recidivism. Continue Reading →

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PACE Embracing the Needs of Girls, Looks to Expand Beyond Florida

“Every girl should have an opportunity to change,” says Aggie Pappas, executive director of one of the 18 PACE centers currently in Florida.

A Florida program created in 1985 for girls who had a brush with the law has now developed into a highly successful intervention program. PACE Center for Girls was called "the most effective program in the nation for keeping adolescent girls out of the juvenile justice system” by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in its 2008 Kids Count report. The report pointed to PACE as a national model. What makes a difference at PACE? "It really is the small, intimate, strengths-based, gender-responsive environment," said President and CEO Mary Marx. Continue Reading →

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Federal Grants 101

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Want to know how federal grants from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention work? JJIE explains in this animated whiteboard video. Continue Reading →

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