Georgia’s Gov. Nathan Deal: ‘The Ultimate Criminal Justice Reform’

It’s been 2½ years since Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a landmark overhaul of Georgia’s juvenile justice system into law. The measure has resulted in a sharp drop in commitments to the state’s youth correctional system and is expected to save tens of millions of dollars by replacing incarceration with community supervision.

Chad Posick

Schools Need Restorative Justice to Keep Kids Safe, Out of Trouble

Our society has become one of exclusion. When people mess up we remove them from their communities in a type of exile. We have done this for more than 40 years with prisons. Everyone from low-level offenders to the most violent criminals have been locked up in amazing numbers for breaking societal rules.


Will Restorative Justice Work in South Bronx Schools?

I did not see my role, as I now do, as that of a guide to my students, there to see through their anger and rebellious attitudes, to learn about their lives and help them navigate their many difficulties. I failed to see that the classroom could be a place of coaching and learning from our mistakes, rather than a place of strict rules and external assessments.


Temper Risk and Needs Assessments With Positive Youth Development

Juvenile justice systems have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize advances in knowledge about adolescent development and protecting public safety. The evolution of positive youth development (PYD) approaches and the heightened investment in risk and needs assessments are a prime example.


Brothers & Sisters

Hurt. Frustration. Grief. Anger. Guilt. Three sisters and one brother reflect on their dead siblings' drug addictions.