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Week in Review: Pleas for Asylum, Interviews with Inmates


This week in juvenile justice: "If you lock people up and don’t teach them something, it’s a lose/lose situation." — "There were things going on at Rikers that were pretty horrific, and one of them was the conditions in the adolescent jail." — Collateral consequence laws do not provide definitive results. And more ... Continue Reading →

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Week in Review: Prison Reform, Homeless Students and Youth Employment

Week in Review - Prison Reform, Homeless Students and Youth Employment

This week in juvenile justice: Louisiana’s prison reform efforts haven’t gone nearly far enough, according to people close to the system. In New York, officials from Rikers Island announced plans to eliminate such confinement for 16- and 17-year-old inmates. The difficult circumstances of two homeless KSU students are shown in the latest photo essay by JJIE's BOKEH. A report chronicles the journey of six young serious offenders through Illinois’ criminal justice system. Continue Reading →

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[Photos] Homeless After Class

Homeless by Patricia Chourio - 4-edit

While many university students were concerned about parking or trying to avoid long lines to get their books, Jalyn was trying to find a place to live. She and her family have been homeless since the summer of 2012. Some days she is able to eat twice a day, others only once. Her financial aid was put on hold because she has not been able to confirm a home address in Georgia. Continue Reading →

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