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Juvenile Detention Centers: On the Other Side of ‘Lock ‘Em Up,’ but Not Quite Trauma-Informed

Juvenile in Justice

There’s a lot of progress in revamping what happens to kids on the way to detention centers — in fact, 300 sites in 39 states have changed their approach, with remarkable results, according to the 2014 Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Progress Report.

There’s also stunning progress in modernizing the institutions where youth serve out their sentences.

But inside the walls of detention centers that hold kids for 20 days, on average, before trial? That’s another story. Continue Reading →

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OP-ED: Prison Education Can Reform Us All

Akeem Samuels

The four of us are students in a course taking place at a maximum-security juvenile facility in upstate New York for young people charged as adults. Two of us are incarcerated there; two of us are college students at SUNY New Paltz. We are all from New York City. Continue Reading →

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Prison Punishes Criminals’ Children, Panelists Say

DeShawn Harris and Sandra Kroger

NEW YORK — Sending people to prison punishes not only criminals but their families, especially their children, participants in a program on prison photography say.

“It’s not just about offenders and victims,” said documentary photographer Gabriela Bulisova during the Thursday panel discussion hosted by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s Department of Visual Journalism. “Many of the people affected are children.” Continue Reading →

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