Susan Ferriss

Susan Ferriss is a reporter with wide experience at home and abroad. She has investigated a range of issues, from military toxic waste and real-estate fraud to police corruption and international drug trafficking. She covered California state government and politics for several years, and was a prize-winning foreign correspondent in Latin America, where her reports included stories on child labor, child migration and transnational gangs.

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Federal Complaint Challenges Texas Town’s New Ban on Housing any Border Kids


Civil rights groups filed a federal complaint Tuesday challenging a Texas city’s ban on providing housing to “refugees” or foreigners such as the Central American children who’ve been turning themselves in at the border. Continue Reading →

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States Urged to Embrace Alternatives to School Discipline Criminalizing Kids

The Council of State Governments Justice Center's School Discipline Consensus Report.

A prominent state lawmakers’ advisory group issued a major report Tuesday warning of the “school to prison” pipeline and offering multiple alternatives to harsh school discipline and police crackdowns on students. Continue Reading →

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North Carolina Foster Teen Languishes in Adult Jail for School Incident

Selina Garcia, 17, was entered into North Carolina's adult legal system, despite still being a minor in the state's social services system. Courtesy of Selina Garcia

Did a foster-care teen need to be arrested by school police this month for alleged battery on a school bus? And then jailed for more than two weeks with adults long after a judge ordered her released?

The questions swirling around Selina Garcia, 17, of Raleigh, N.C. are part of a broader national debate over treatment of foster kids and the role of school police. Continue Reading →

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