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OP-ED: Reforming Juvenile Justice Requires Restructuring our Mindset

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With youth crime rates and numbers of incarcerated youths declining, now is the ideal time to review how juvenile incarceration meets the needs of youths, their families and society. California is in the process of allocating $80 million in funding for counties to build juvenile facilities. To ensure these facilities are rehabilitative, they need to originate from a belief in the capacity for people to change. Psychologists refer to this belief as mindset; it is a well-established phenomenon in education, and is equally applicable to our juvenile justice system. Mindset applies to everyone. Continue Reading →

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OP-ED: Humanizing Loved Ones Who Are Incarcerated

Liz Alexander-square

As children we often dreamed that we would become household names and be featured on television and in newspapers. And in 2009, my brother made his newspaper debut. His name would be listed in bold, mentioned several times in one setting and spoken by powerful people. It was: by the judge, the county prosecutor and the jurors. Continue Reading →

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