Adolescent Brain Science: Proceed With Caution

The renewed focus on adolescent development in juvenile justice is welcome and overdue. Adolescence is potentially the best opportunity to intervene effectively with youth to help them develop empathy, impulse control and good decision-making skills.

How to Move an Issue From a Kitchen Table to City Hall

It was a particularly warm June day, and we were sitting at a kitchen table talking with a mother distraught about the recent arrest of her teenage son, who was being held pretrial at the adult jail in Philadelphia.

NY Bureau Chief Sues State Court Officers for False Arrest

Journalist Daryl M. Khan is suing New York state court officers on charges of false arrest and malicious prosecution. His complaint charges that the officers arrested, handcuffed and detained him while he was in the hallway of a courthouse and taking a 28-second video on his cellphone.

Peep Game, Me, Before It’s Too Late

At 15 I know that it seems like you’ve got nothing to live for and so much to die for. From trying to come up as a little homie to living lavish with those Ecstasy pills you’re running through like candy.
I’m telling you now you will never settle the scores for those deaths. In the process of your pain you will only harm innocent people that had no hand in either of your losses.

Young Adult Prison Movement Deepens Reliance on Incarceration, Shortchanges Reform

There is growing interest nationwide in designating specialized prison space for young adults under age 25. Although these projects are often couched in the language of treatment and developmental differences, specialty facilities could expose states to a pitfall of multitiered prison systems: targeting some with superficial reforms, while leaving others out.