Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President,

You having a chance to become the first African-American president of the United States has set a great example for many troubled, young African-American men like myself.

Moving Police Officers From Enforcers to Protectors

“I hate the police” and other comments, profanity-filled, are shouted to Houston Police officers as they enter a classroom filled with teenagers.

We Have to Partner with Law Enforcement Around Trauma

Is there a need for trauma-informed training for police officers? Let me share an example of a situation where the outcome could have been very different if the responding officer had been trauma-informed.

Book Review: Change of Heart

Jeanne Bishop, a Cook County, Illinois, public defender, starts her story of reconciliation, “Change of Heart,” on a cold winter day, her shoes crunching on the gravel of the Pontiac Correctional Center visitors' parking lot.

We Believed We Were Untouchable

In 1979, my family risked our lives to escape the war in Vietnam and I went and voluntarily placed myself into a war of a different kind; a war that consists of myself and gangs. My parents gave up all they had to seek freedom for our family and I went and lost what little freedom I had.