John Tuell is the executive director of the RFK National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice.

Juvenile Justice Reformers Driven by Memories of Mistakes in Their Less-informed Past

Adolphus Graves, the chief probation officer of Fulton County Juvenile Court in Atlanta, was driven to transform his juvenile justice system by the mistakes he made as a young probation officer.
“I was a little wayward and misguided as a probation officer,” he said. “Knowing my times as a probation officer, and how many things I did horribly, or how many children that I irresponsibly, or sometimes just ignorantly, subjected to detention because I had no other tools. ... The recurring theme consistently has been the lack of knowledge, of understanding what’s going on, the depth of what’s going on in a child’s life.”

Richard Walker in Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia Makes It Easier for Former Felons to Vote

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Voting in Virginia just got easier for more than 200,000 people with felony records. Under an executive order signed today, all former felons who have completed their full sentences as of today can immediately re-register to vote, the latest move by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, to ease the rights restoration process. “If we are going to build a stronger and more equal Virginia, we must break down barriers to participation in civic life for people who return to society seeking a second chance. We must welcome them back and offer the opportunity to build a better life by taking an active role in our democracy,” McAuliffe said in a news release.

James Forza plays Jarvis Jay Masters in "IN|PRISM: Boxed In and Blacked Out in America,” by the Truthworker Theatre Company.

NY Theater Company Tells Story of Man’s Life in Prison System

Boots stomped rhythmically on the ground. Angry voices pulsed through the air. A capella voices pounded like a heartbeat, growing steadily faster and louder. The escalating cacophony was directed at the man sitting on the edge of the cot. He held his hands to his head.