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Federal Complaint Challenges Texas Town’s New Ban on Housing any Border Kids


Civil rights groups filed a federal complaint Tuesday challenging a Texas city’s ban on providing housing to “refugees” or foreigners such as the Central American children who’ve been turning themselves in at the border.

The complaint against an ordinance adopted July 8 by League City, a Houston suburb, was filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, or MALDEF, and Appleseed, a Texas public-interest law group. Appleseed has researched dangers faced by Mexican and Central American migrant children. Continue Reading →

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OP-ED: Cops and Community, How to Repair a Broken Relationship

Alton Pitre

It is difficult to repair a broken relationship, one built on years of distrust. It is especially tough if you are the parent of a child forever getting caught up in the juvenile justice system, knowing their kid can be harassed and possibly injured or arrested for simply walking down the street. So how can we as a community come together to mend this problem that has damaged countless lives for far too long? Growing up as a teenager in South Central Los Angeles, encounters with law enforcement were a daily occurrence. The police stopped me on the street many times without probable cause. Continue Reading →

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From Prison to Politics: Prophet Walker’s Journey

Prophet  Walker, left, in Los Angeles. Walker spent several years incarcerated for a crime committed at age 16. Now he's running for state assembly.

LOS ANGELES — The walls of Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, Calif., were hardly unfamiliar to Prophet Walker. As a teenager, Walker spent nearly half of his six-year prison sentence at Ironwood after he was convicted of assault causing great bodily injury and robbery at the age of 16.

This June, Walker, now 26, returned to Ironwood. However, this time it was not as a prisoner, but as a candidate for state office and a role model to the young men who stand where Walker stood just several years ago. Continue Reading →

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Reporter’s Notebook: Allegations Still Plague Religious Homes for Troubled Teens

Lester Roloff

AUSTIN, Texas — While reporting recently on abuse allegations at a home for troubled teens, I realized that the article I was writing had been written before. Continue Reading →

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