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Analysis: What’s the Matter With Arkansas?

Why so much bad news lately from Arkansas on juvenile justice? A toxic political climate has thwarted progress to date, but momentum is building and signs suggest that meaningful improvement may be on the horizon.

Alexus Cheney holding a sign before her arrest at a protest in Baton Rouge on July 10.

Family Torn Apart By Police During Baton Rouge Protests

When she was a young mother of two, Tammy Cheney worked double shifts six days a week in order to survive. When her younger children, including Alexus, now 17, and A.J., now 5, came along, she vowed to spend more time with them.

An armored vehicle pushing into protesters in Baton Rouge on July 10, 2016. Protesters are calling for justice for Alton Sterling, who was killed by Baton Rouge police on July 4, 2016.

U.S. Violating Right to Peaceful Assembly, UN Expert Says in Report

An independent U.N. expert on human rights issued a blistering statement on the status of protest and policing in the United States after touring the country and visiting cities recently embroiled in unrest in the wake of racially tinged police killings, including Baltimore; Ferguson, Missouri; New York and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

New Orleans

Violence By, Against Police Risks Tearing Country Further Apart

Gavin Long’s violence stood in sharp contrast to the hundreds of protesters, many of them young people, who expressed their anger and rage at the police department with words — loud words, painful words, harsh words — but just words.
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