States That Raise the Age See Less Recidivism, Cost Savings, JPI Report Says

More states are getting rid of laws that automatically bump teenagers from juvenile courts when they reach a certain age, abandoning a model of punishment proven to be expensive, ineffective and not flexible enough to improve outcomes for offenders or society, a new study says.

Trump Administration Could Target Central American Teens

After 18 days on a bus to the Mexican city of Reynosa, five days walking through the desert to Texas and two months living in Long Island, the fate of 18-year-old Axel Caballero of Honduras rested in the hands of an immigration judge who hovered above him inside a federal immigration courtroom in downtown Manhattan.

Children Will Continue to Flee Danger, Expert Says

In all her years working with Unaccompanied Alien Children, one interaction in particular stands out to Michelle Brané, the director of migrant rights and justice for the Women’s Refugee Commission.

Senate Judiciary Members Rail Against Juvenile Detention Rather Than Therapy

The elephant in the room never actually made it into the room this morning. But Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, who last year scuttled a juvenile justice reform bill over the objections of experts and the overwhelming majority of Congress, was clearly on everybody’s mind.

How Going to Jail Changed My Life Path, Part 3

When I first went to Rikers Island, I did not anticipate the impact this would have on my academic and professional career. The initial trip across the city to the confines of the jail made me question my place within the justice system and how I could be an advocate for change.