How Going to Jail Changed My Life Path, Part 1

The first time I went to jail, my professor sent me there. Before I could think too much about what I had agreed to do, I piled into a beat-up 12-passenger van with 11 others.

Former Attorney General Holder Urges Action on Racial Issues Under Trump

Panelists at a discussion on race spoke mostly about collective response to a president they fear will roll back the rights of people of color, as well as other groups.
“Start where you are,” said DeRay McKesson, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter. “I didn’t get a call from Harriet Tubman to be an activist.”

House Panel Told Alternatives to Incarceration Work Much Better

Congress kicked off its latest push to reform juvenile justice today, presenting a bipartisan front and hearing from experts who said the old theory of getting tough on teenage offenders had been debunked by research, science and their own experiences in the field.