How LA County Began to Face Its Big Problem With Youth Being Sex-Trafficked

Michelle Guymon is a hero in the world of child sex trafficking prevention.
Seven years ago, she had no idea Los Angeles County had a child sex trafficking problem
Now Guymon is director of the Child Trafficking Unit for the Los Angeles County Probation Department and is part of the group that aims to make LA’s efforts to combat child sex trafficking a model for the nation.

Don’t Be Traumatized by Trauma

I openly admit that transitioning from avoiding the trauma issue to becoming a trauma-informed and responsive organization wasn’t easy, but the value of that transformation is facilitating better outcomes for the children we serve. If we as service providers don’t take the trauma issue straight on, we are doing the children who are counting on us for help a disservice.

Marie Williams

We Need to Address Mental, Behavioral Health in Kids Who Land in Justice System

Most juvenile detention facilities and out-of-home placements are still not conducive to treatment of kids with trauma, and those with mental and behavioral health needs.
My friend Judge Joan Byer, retired from the Jefferson County, Kentucky juvenile bench, described the overarching goal this way: “We need to move closer toward a juvenile justice system that stops punishing kids who have had punishing lives.”

Raise the Age Advances in NC, Dies in Missouri; Texas Uncertain

Supporters of raising the age of criminal responsibility in North Carolina are optimistic as legislation heads to the Senate after a 104-8 approval vote in the General Assembly.

The overwhelming vote Wednesday is a major step in the last state that still automatically charges 16-year-olds as adults, no matter the crime.

Tight Budgets Accomplish for Juvenile Justice What Fighting Fear Could Not

Today's reformers have taken a different approach to defend against those who use fear as a political tool to quash the trend of de-incarceration.
Reformers are creating a network of reforms that are so intertwined they can withstand getting “clobbered” again.