Getting Restorative Justice Approved By Your State Political Body Is Worth the Trouble

It is becoming increasingly clear that diverting individuals from the juvenile justice system, which is consistent with public safety and still holds offenders accountable, is generally a best-practice concept. This can have a significant impact on public safety by increasing successful life outcomes for young people. A crime prevented is far better than a crime successfully adjudicated.

New Zealand Sees Success With Culture-specific Youth Courts, Family Group Conferences

Experts estimate that only 15 to 20 percent of youth offenders end up in court in New Zealand. For the remainder of the cases, which are often petty, opportunistic crime, police have the flexibility to make decisions based on the context and details of the case, with a focus both on diverting young people from entering the court system and involving their families and communities in the rehabilitative process.

ABA Task Force Wants to Help Disrupt School-to-Prison Pipeline

The school-to-prison pipeline is one of our nation’s most pressing challenges, that all of us must help reverse. Not only do these outcomes ruin the lives of youth and their families, but they are also bad for our nation. There are affirmative steps that the American Bar Association is well positioned to take to help reverse these negative trends.

Restorative Justice Can Help Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline, NY Panel Says

Raising the age to be charged as an adult and restorative justice are crucial in slowing the school-to-prison pipeline, New York panelists said.
“We need to show students that by showing up, we have something to offer them,” said educator David Levine. “Students need to see their school as a place of value, not as a place they’re stuck in.”

The Case That Got Me Hooked on Restorative Justice

What started as a stressful night as a chaperone for a school trip emerged as the beginning of a great journey in discovering how discipline can actually be a positive experience for everyone involved. Can you imagine that?! I can, because I have now seen it repeatedly with my own eyes.

Chad Posick

Schools Need Restorative Justice to Keep Kids Safe, Out of Trouble

Our society has become one of exclusion. When people mess up we remove them from their communities in a type of exile. We have done this for more than 40 years with prisons. Everyone from low-level offenders to the most violent criminals have been locked up in amazing numbers for breaking societal rules.