New Child Welfare Law Specialists

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Move over Atticus Finch, there’s a new kind of lawyer in town: The Child Welfare Law Specialist. Georgia now has 17 of these specialized attorneys, certified by the National Association of Counsel for Children. They are uniquely qualified to represent children, parents and state welfare agencies in abuse, neglect and dependency cases:

  • Jamie Averett
  • Patricia Buonodono
  • Darice Good
  • Diana Johnson
  • Mary McCord
  • Kimberly Mullins
  • Temika Murry
  • Anissa Patton
  • Jennifer Satija
  • LaMia Saxby
  • Brooke Silverthorn
  • Jamie Smith
  • Leslie Stewart
  • Marie Watson
  • Suzanne Whitaker
  • Ashley Willcott
  • Rosalind Zollicoffer

Specialists must pass a written exam on child welfare law, and prove their knowledge through peer review, education and writing.  The Child Welfare legal specialty is recognized by the American Bar Association, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Children’s Bureau, The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, and other groups

If you know someone who might qualify, check out the application.  The next application deadline is August 15, 2010

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