GA Children Trapped by Immigration Debate

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While the battle over immigration plays out across the country, children of immigrants in Georgia face fear, anxiety and stress-related health problems, according to a report from the Sapelo Foundation.  Children who are U.S. citizens by birth, are getting separated from their families more often as local police agencies arrest illegal immigrants under the expanding 287 (g) program.  The study also found women and children  who are victims of assault and domestic abuse are afraid to call police because they fear getting deported.  In Immigration Enforcement and its Impact on Latino Children in the State of Georgia, author Elise Shore spells out long-term, traumatic consequences for children.   Among the recommendations:

  • Prohibit checkpoints and road blocks near schools, churches and day care centers
  • Local police should adopt ICE humanitarian guidelines for sole caregivers
  • The foster care system needs bilingual and bicultural workers to understand the needs of immigrants

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