Gangs and Drugs: Crisis in Public Schools

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Twenty-seven percent of public school students from 12 to 17-years-old report that kids are using, keeping or selling drugs onschool grounds, according to a study by the National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse. The survey, done annually over the past 15 years, found many surprising statistics:

  • Students in schools with gangs and drugs are five times more likely to use marijuana and three times more likely to drink.
  • 46 percent of teens at public schools say there are gangs at their schools compared to only 2 percent of teens at private and religious schools
  • The percentage of middle schools with drugs on campus (kids 12- to 13- years old and younger) has increased from 23 percent last year to 32 percent this year
  • Teens with strong family ties are far less likely to smoke, drink or use marijuana or hang out with people who drink regularly, use illegal drugs and abuse prescription drugs

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