Forum: How Trauma Effects Kids

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has created an online forum called Chronic Trauma and the Teen Brain for people who work with kids who’ve experienced trauma:

“Through this forum, we hope to bring together experts in different adolescent-serving systems and disciplines to discuss emerging research, current experiences, and innovative strategies and models.”

We previously mentioned this forum, but it will now stay open until August 31st. Here’s what some people have had to say so far:

I am a high school social worker. Lets not derail this conversation because we are focusing on “labeling” students.

The best place to begin to screen and intervene is in school because most trauma symptoms begin to show themselves, initially, in the classroom through behaviors and attitudes.

As we consider the impact of chronic trauma on the teen brain, it is important to focus on early childhood and neurobiology of the developing infant and child.

To register, click here.

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