Elementary Kids Accused of Gang Activity – Mayoral Candidate Intervenes

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Should children face felony charges for a school fight? The issue has become political in Bibb County. Mayoral candidate C. Jack Ellis is supporting four boys, ages 9 and 10, charged with felony gang violence, according to WMAZ-13 TV.

The boys put another child in a chokehold in March during a fight at school. Ellis maintains this was not an act of gang violence because there was no blood, broken bones or weapons.

“We are a better town than to charge a 9-year-old boy with gang violence because they were in a school fight and ruin their lives,” Ellis told WMAZ.

Assistant District Attorney Mike Smith refuses to drop the charges because boys admitted to being part of an unofficial gang.

Three of the four boys have been found guilty on the charges of battery, disrupting a public school and participating in gang activity and are on probation.

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