11 Year Old Babysitter Accused of Killing Toddler

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A two-year old girl died Saturday night and Sandy Springs police are charging her 11 year-old babysitter with murder.  Little Zyda White died of a severe head wound and other injuries, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Police interviewed the babysitter, who allegedly told them the toddler fell off a bed, but they believe the injuries were not accidental.

Zyda’s mother called 911 as soon as she picked up her daughter late Saturday and saw her condition.  She told reporters Tuesday afternoon that she wants the babysitter to spend the rest of her life in prison.

While police are charging the 11-year old with felony murder and cruelty to children, the charges could be modified by the Fulton County D.A.  Under Georgia law, children under 13 must be tried in juvenile court.

Readers commenting on 11alive.com questioned why an 11 year old child was caring for a 2-year old.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has more on the legal issues and the age of the babysitter

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