D.A. Considers New Charges in Babysitter Murder Case

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An 11 year old girl remains in the Metro Youth Detention Center in Atlanta after a hearing Wednesday morning in juvenile court.  Police have charged the child with murdering 2-year old Zeyda White, who was left in her care on Saturday night.

The D.A. has already decided not to try the babysitter as an adult, according to Lt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department.  He told the Examiner.com the D.A. will also decide whether to charge one or both parents, who left the toddler with the 11 year old babysitter.

The Fulton County District Attorney issued this statement on Wednesday:

“Our office is awaiting a full report on this matter from the Sandy Springs Police Department. Upon receipt of that report, we will conduct our investigation and make a decision regarding the appropriate charges.”

Mom blogs across the nation are buzzing with concern.  Here are some comments from Momania:

“I don’t know who dropped the ball on this case. Was it the parent who didn’t realize their 11 year old wasn’t ready to watch a young child? Or, was it the parent who turned her toddler over to this child.”

“things were different when we were younger..Kids (lots) aren’t as mature as they used to be.”

“I am not saying what she did was right by any means but I simply don’t think all 11 year olds are capable of understanding true cause and effect and I highly doubt she intended to kill the girl but by trying her as an adult, all that will result is that she will become a criminal for life and will have no attempt at a 2nd chance.”

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