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Welfare Watch – September 23, 2010 – Georgia Conference on Children and Families

The Georgia Conference on Children and Families (GCCF) comes at a most appropriate time.  Georgia’s way of caring for its at-risk children in its child welfare, juvenile justice, behavioral health and developmental disabilities systems is rapidly changing. It is a time of sometimes overwhelming rapid change with new paradigms of thinking and acting. This economic crisis is causing both public and private agencies to identify their core activities.  Data is becoming increasing important as it drives all direct services to evidence based practices.  Family and community are important players in the system that once only had the “experts”  at the table.  The panacea of programs has been replaced with systems of care that includes all aspects of the child’s life.

This Conference serves the needs of stakeholders in child welfare to understand this change and even to embrace it. Just as Georgia is being seen as one of the leading states in the nation in child welfare work, stakeholders are struggling to keep up. They desire excellence in policy and practice.  This Conference is an event where participants can gain new insights into how policy and practice work together for both effectiveness and excellence.

The race toward excellence never ends. Georgia is focused on providing the best outcomes for children and families.  To achieve these outcomes, we need resources and supportive services at the community level and supportive systems at the state level that can come together, share, network, and collaborate.  These persons and systems need to work together to improve outcomes for children and families. In responses to this need, the GCCF has broadened its scope and focus to include all of the disciplines and systems in Georgia that touch the lives of children and families.

We hope that you plan to attend this important event in November. These links include a conference preview and registration and hotel information .

The Georgia Conference on Children and Families
Legacy Lodge, Lake Lanier Island
November 16-18, 2010

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