Flood of LWOP Cases Under Review

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The Supreme Court decision to ban life-without-parole sentences for juveniles who didn’t kill anyone has turned Florida’s legal system upside down, according to the Miami Herald.

The Graham decision echoes the idea that because a teen’s brain is not fully developed, he or she deserves a chance to change. More than 100 cases in the state of Florida are eligible for resentencing, but the courts are struggling to figure out an alternative sentence to life without parole.

Some state officials feel that certain prisoners have no chance of changing and will only reoffend if released on parole. Others feel this decision could force prisons to focus more on rehabilitation, especially for juvenile offenders, and lead to less recidivism.

Possible solutions have surfaced that require mandatory lengthy prison terms followed by the possibility of parole, but no solid legislation has emerged.

So far, it does not appear that Georgia has any LWOP cases under review.

For the Miami Herald’s full story, click here.

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