Teens Drinking Less in Georgia: Feds Credit Community Teamwork

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Underage drinking has declined in Georgia, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

SAMHSA has released a video on the many ways the state of Georgia has successfully fought underage drinking.

“I’m happy to say that Georgia has the lowest reported binge drinking rates of all the states and I firmly believe that this is the result of a concerted effort,” said Brenda J.D. Rowe, Ph.D., Director of Substance Abuse Prevention & Behavioral Development for Georgia’s Department of Human Resources.

The Cobb County Alcohol Taskforce is one of the groups on the frontlines. Coordinator Cathy Fink also sees great progress. A study from 2009 shows that binge drinking among 12th graders went down from 25% to 17% in just one year.

“We’re not interested in claiming credit in whats causing a decline. Its important that we continue to track and follow the trends and to collaborate to move in the right direction,” said Fink.

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