Albany Declares War Against Saggy Pants

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Police in Albany, Ga may soon be going after kids with saggy, baggy, droopy pants. The first draft of an ordinance called “Public Indecency Prohibited” was introduced to the City Commission on Tuesday to replace another law called the “Defecation in Public” statute (yes, that’s defecation). According to the Albany Herald, this ordinance prohibits people from wearing pants or skirts more than three inches below the tops of the hips and exposing any skin or underwear below. It’s patterned after a similar ordinance passed last month by the folks in Dublin, Ga, 120 miles up the road.

Aside from banning saggy pants, the law would also ban people from performing certain acts in public, such as nudity, masturbation and sex.

Language in the ordinance suggests that exposing the buttocks and underwear is lewd and indecent. There’s also some discussion about getting police at Albany State University and Darton College to enforce this saggy pants law if it passes.

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