Four Teens Charged with Murder in Beating Death

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An 18-year-old boy was killed at a house party in Douglasville, Ga Saturday night, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Four other teenagers, ages 18-19, were arrested for the death of Bobby Tillman. They have been charged with murder.

More than 70 kids turned up at what was supposed to be a small house party. After parents ended the party a fight broke out outside the home between two girls.

According an account from the Douglas County Sherriff, one of the girls hit a boy. The boy allegedly said he wouldn’t hit a girl but would hit the next guy that walked by. Five-foot-6-inch, 124-pount Tillman turned out to be the next boy to walk by. He was stomped and beaten and died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest.

The NAACP launched an investigation into how the sheriff’s department questioned party-goers. Fifty-seven kids were rounded up and taken to the sheriff’s department on a bus. Some of them were actually questioned on the bus. Some kids complained they weren’t allowed to call their parents. The sheriff’s department maintains they handled everything correctly.

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