Teens Join "X the Text" Campaign in Kennesaw

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Students and teachers at North Cobb High School are pledging not to text while driving.  They gathered around the wreckage of a car, brought to the campus Monday, to drive home the dangers.

While Georgia and other states have banned texting behind the wheel, a Pew study estimates that 26%  of American teens nationwide are sending text messages while they drive.  Watch the story from MyFoxAtlanta:

Students in Kennesaw are part of a campaign initiated by Allstate Insurance Company called “X the Text.”   The company has created a teen driver pledge page, and some interesting statistics about texting while driving:

  • It takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds
  • It’s like driving after 4 beers
  • It makes you 23 times more likely to crash

Allstate has also enlisted the Jonas Brothers to spread the word on YouTube:

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