School Crime Data Reveals Safety Concerns for Georgia Children

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A new report on school crime and safety shows that students and teachers still have serious concerns in Georgia and across the nation. The Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics compiled data from 2008 – 2009 to give us a snapshot of what’s going on in public high schools across the state:

  • 8.2% of Georgia students said they were threatened or injured with a weapon at school
  • 4.2% admitted they carried a weapon to school during the month prior to the survey
  • 11.7% were involved in a physical fight on school grounds
  • 32.9% said drugs were available to them on school property
  • 4.2% admitted using alcohol on school grounds
  • 7,000 teachers (5.8%) said they were threatened with injury by a student
  • 4,900 teachers (4%) said they were physically attacked by a student
  • 35.2% of teachers said student misbehavior interfered with their teaching

The national snapshot is somewhat different, since the surveys included different age groups.  A startling number of children – 1.2 million – were victims of crime at school.  They reported 619,000 thefts and 743,100 violent crimes and assaults.  (Students surveyed in 2008 were 12-18 years old)  Here are some other surprising numbers:

  • 15 homicides and 7 suicides of children at school during the 2008-2009 school year
  • 8% of students were threatened with a weapon at school
  • 20% of schools reported gang activity
  • 32% of students said they were bullied in 2007

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