Facebook Bullies Arrested After Victim Hunts Them Down

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When Ally Pfeiffer saw a Facebook page under her own name that made hateful and harassing comments about her weight and appearance, she cried.  But not for long.  The 18-year old college student decided to find out who was impersonating her online and who set up the phony Facebook account using a cow in place of her picture.

Ally tells WFSB-TV how she tracked the IP address and discovered two of her high school friends were behind the brutal prank.  She turned the information over to police in Bristol, CT.  They arrested two University of Connecticut students, Jeffrey Martone and Sarah Johnson who now face criminal charges.

The Bristol Press reports on the simple steps Ally took to solve the crime. The suspects used a fake Gmail account created in her name.  She clicked on “Forgot Password,” guessed the answer to the security questions, opened the email and Facebook accounts, and changed the passwords.   Then she used a free IP address tracker.

Ally talked about her ordeal on the Today Show.  “If I help one teen or if I make one bully think twice before doing something I would feel 100 percent better,” she said.

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