Letter from Juvenile Justice Commissioner Garland Hunt

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Commissioner Garland Hunt sent a heartfelt letter to his DJJ staff on Thursday.  The letter comes in the wake of news that he will not be reappointed to the post.  Governor-elect Nathan Deal has nominated Deputy Commissioner Amy Howell, who will be the first woman ever to run the Juvenile Justice agency.

Hunt‘s letter, addressed to the “DJJ Family”, praises their work and resonates with sadness.  Here’s how it starts:

It is with much regret that I must inform you of the Deal Administration’s decision to not reappoint me as the Commissioner. In a very short time, I developed a sincere love for all of the young people that have been entrusted in DJJ’s care. I quickly realized that we must encourage and believe in them.  Our success as an agency is determined by their success in life. I would encourage you to always keep hope in your hearts for a change in their lives.

He goes on to congratulate Howell, and urges his colleagues to “Please join me in praying for her success.”

Hunt was appointed to the post last spring by Governor Sonny Perdue. He’s an attorney and an ordained minister, serving as co-pastor of The Father’s House Church in Norcross.  His words reaffirm his faith in the future:

I believe the Lord is in control of all of our affairs in life, so I look forward with great expectation of what God has for me.

To read the full letter please click here.

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