Homeless in Georgia: New Plan to Count Homeless Young People

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More people in Georgia are homeless, including families and young people. The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports 20,360 people in Georgia had no home in 2009, up 7% from the year before.  Even more alarming is the number of people doubling up, or living with friends or family because of economic hardship:  272,305 people.

That’s right- more than a quarter million of your friends and neighbors have doubled up in Georgia, and that number is 10% higher than the year before.

The Alliance reports there are also 728 homeless young people who’ve aged out of foster care and are on the streets alone. They believe this group is undercounted.

For the first time, Georgia plans to count a representative sample of homeless young people later this month.  Pete Colbenson is heading up the project to get a better understanding of the extent and characteristics of young people who are homeless…whether they’re living under an overpass, camping in a park, staying in a shelter or couch surfing with friends.   Click here to read more about the project, and volunteer to help with the count.

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