Georgia Bill Aims to protect Kids online

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Georgia students may want to think twice about bullying someone online, especially if HB 310 passes.

HB 310, better known as “The End to Cyberbullying Act,” will take the current law and expand it to include any form of cyber communication that would be considered bullying.

Currently, the law in Georgia prohibits any form of bullying of another student only on school property, busses, bus stops and at school events.

If the new provision were to become law, school officials could act even if the cyberbullying didn’t occur on school property. For example, if a student decides to send a threatening message through Facebook while at home to another student, the student who sent the harassing message can still be disciplined by school officials.

Cyberbullying is a threat or intimidation of another through electronic communication, including texting, instant messaging tools and websites.

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