Georgia’s Failure to Enter Interstate Compact for Juveniles a “Serious Problem,” Judge Says

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The final day of Georgia’s participation in the Interstate Compact for Juveniles is fast approaching and one Floyd County juvenile judge is not afraid to call this a “serious problem.”

Juvenile Judge Tim Pape spoke with the Rome News-Tribune recently about the impact on Georgia if there is no agreement for transferring children between the states.

“If a child is on probation in Georgia and moves to Tennessee, there is no agreement with Tennessee to oversee probation,” Pape told the News-Tribune.

Georgia has been operating under a previous compact for juveniles for years, but that agreement is set to expire June 30.  Georgia failed to pass legislation that would have allowed the state to operate under a new, updated compact.

Without an agreement “the state would have no ability to enforce bringing kids to and from Georgia,” Judge Pape said.

“Forty-six other states have adopted this compact.  What is it that Georgia doesn’t like?” the Judge added.

In a prepared statement, Jen Talaber, communications specialist for the office of the governor said, “The Governor believes that Georgians know what is best for Georgians.”

When JJIE reached the judge by telephone in his office, he responded to the governor’s statement saying, “Gee, that like saying, ‘what’s best for people is what’s best for people.’  That’s not an answer.”

You can read more of JJIE’s coverage of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles here and here.


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