Keeping Teens Summer Safe, a Resource Guide from the CDC

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The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga.

Extra time behind the wheel, long days at the lake and added exposure to the sun are just a few of the hazards kids and teens face as summer officially grabs hold. Unfortunately not everyone gets the summer months off. Parents are left to pick up the slack and still put in their 40 hours each week to pay the bills. So how do you keep your kids safe and the boss happy at the same time?

The Centers for Disease Control has made available a wealth of resources for parents asking themselves that very question. ‘Keep Kids Safe and Healthy during the Summer’ aims to be a one-stop shop for just about anybody looking for answers.

JJIE's pitch on Spot.Us, a journalism crowd funding platform.Of course youthful hazards don’t stop with the chiming of the school bells in August. The CDC also offers a breadth of additional resources for keeping kids, teens and families healthy the year round.

JJIE is also crowd-funding our own bit of child safety research through an experimental collaboration with Spot.Us. We’ll keep you posted.

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