When Push Comes to Shove, It’s Time to Start an Education Revolution


It’s no secret that America’s public education system is failing.  Only three of seven public school students finish high school and many of those that actually graduate come away with a sub-par education that barely gets them to, or through, college.

Our children are growing up in a technological boom but learning in a system designed for the Industrial Age.

That’s a central message put forward by Dr. Steve Perry in his new work, “Push Has Come to Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve — Even If It Means Picking a Fight,” which turns out to be something of a clarion call for an “Education Revolution” in America.

Perry is co-founder of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Connecticut where 100 percent of the students get accepted to college.  He is also a regular education contributor on CNN. All of this has put him on the front line of the movement to improve America’s Schools.

“Push Has Come to Shove…” is Perry’s remarkable call to action for parents and educators to take personal responsibility for improving education for American Students. He decodes the standardized testing scale and explains how low-performing schools impact the economy. But he doesn’t stop at laying out the problem. He makes it relevant to all Americans and  suggests how anyone who reads the book can make a difference. In the introduction Perry explains:

“I want education to make sense to you, even the things that are designed to be   complicated… I’ve spelled out those “frequently asked questions” that I get from caring         parents but more important, I’ve tried to offer practical, real-world solutions.”

Perry states his motives clearly and he takes no prisoners in his forceful approach. His words are infused with passion for the state of education in America.

Don’t doubt this fierce commitment to make a change. Read it here:

“It doesn’t matter that there are some good teachers and administrators in these raggedy-ass schools … Teachers and principals in the most dysfunctional school systems fail more kids than they educate. Paying us when we fail is pissing good tax dollars down the drain.”

Perry goes on to lay out his ideas for the education reform with revolutionary tactics such as suing the school system for “educational malpractice” and explaining to parents the importance of taking an active role in their child’s education.

But the strength of the book is Perry’s ability to speak from two perspectives. As a school founder and principal, he knows the inner workings (and non-workings) of the public school system. Perry also speaks from the perspective of a parent and humbly reveals his own challenges balancing a successful career and parenthood.

“Push Has Come to Shove…” is thorough and insightful.  Dr. Perry has effectively deciphered a complex national disaster and still manages to leave the reader feeling empowered to make a change.

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