“Got Rights Project” Seeks to Inform LGBT Students of Legal Rights

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lgbt student rights

lgbt student rightsThis month, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and The Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) have partnered to launch the “Got Rights Project,” to inform Massachusetts youth about their legal rights as students.

Following the passage of the state’s 2010 anti-bullying law, representatives of GLAD and BAGLY united to create and distribute materials for students, including brochures and a video package, providing youth with access to legal assistance and information.

According to BAGLY Director of Programs Jessica Flaherty, the “Got Rights Projects” provides several opportunities for LGBT students to gain knowledge of their legal rights as students, as well as speak to legal service representatives of GLAD.

“Systemic homo/bi/transphobia blocks access to much needed accurate legal information and support,” she is quoted in a recent article. “LGBTQ youth disproportionately experience discrimination, harassment and violence in and out of school settings.”

The “Got Rights Project” workshops will feature representatives from BAGLY as well as a lawyer from GLAD. A video package – produced by GLAD and the youth theater group True Colors – will be screened at the events.

Five workshops are scheduled for May, with the first event at a SWAGLY (Supporters of Worcester Area Gay and Lesbian Youth) meeting on May 16. Subsequent events are planned in Pittsfield, Salem, Hyannis and Holyoke.

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