Popular Rapper Chief Keef Sentenced to Juvenile Detention

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A popular young rapper will spend the next two months in an Illinois juvenile detention center. Rapper Chief Keef was sentenced Thursday to a 60-day stay in juvie, following a June 26 probation violation.

The 17-year-old Chicagoan—whose real name is Keith Cozart—was serving 18 month’s probation for allegedly pointing a firearm at several police officers when he fired a rifle at an indoor gun range while filming a video in New York, violating his parole. As a result, not only was Cozart’s probation revoked Thursday, but he was also made a ward of the state for what a judge considered “blatant violations” of court orders.

Cozart became an overnight rap sensation last year, based on the strength of singles popularized on YouTube like “Love Sosa” and “I Don’t Like.” His major label debut on Interscope Records, “Finally Rich,” was released December 2012 and has sold nearly 100,000 copies.

Over the past two years, Cozart has been involved in several incidents with the police. In 2011, he was found delinquent and placed under house arrest on charges of manufacturing and distributing heroin. Later that same year, he received multiple charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest, a misdemeanor.

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice will hold Cozart, and his next hearing currently is scheduled for March 14.

Photo courtesy of jletitiamo.

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