Judge Strikes Down Louisiana Law Allowing Kids to Own Guns

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A Louisiana juvenile court judge rankled the state’s pro-gun activists last week when she struck down portions of a state law allowing minors to carry firearms.

East Baton Rouge Juvenile Court Judge Pamela Taylor Johnson ruled that a law allowing concealed carry for juveniles was unconstitutional, as the statute, which allows Louisiana youth to possess certain firearms, with parental consent, conflicted with an wider law prohibiting juveniles from possessing handguns.

In her ruling, Johnson cited public safety concerns as a “compelling state interest,” additionally stating that addressing the statute was “narrowly tailored to serve that compelling interest.”

“The cognitive brain development of minors is not the same as an adult,” she wrote. “Thus, society is well served to restrict the possession of items which require a certain level of maturity when handling.”

In an interview with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Louisiana Shooting Association President Dan Zelenka said he believes the ruling should be taken to the state Supreme Court.

“I think it’s an automatic appeal,” he told the Times-Picayune. “I think under strict scrutiny, you don’t interpret a law in a manner to be more restrictive than it is as written.”

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