5 thoughts on “Education Behind Bars: Can Young People Be Taught in Adult Justice System?

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  2. Thank you for this article. I have been advocating for this as an educator for a long time. The children in adult jails do not receive any education.

  3. I teach high school to juveniles charged as adults and housed in adult jail. Our program is phenomenal and includes a Special Education teacher, IEP services and more. But even that is not enough. Right now, there are roughly 32 students in the juvenile unit. On any given day, 17 or fewer will come to morning classes (Math and English) and maybe 20 will come to afternoon classes (Science and History). We have 3 middle school kids who receive an additional. 1.5 instructional hours per day. Those who don’t come to class are given work inside their cells. Our program is among the best of its kind. It is full time and also includes transition services for students who get released. That it exists within the constraints of the adult jail system means that it is inadequate in providing real academic advancement. I love what I do and I love every one of my kids. But I sincerely wish that there were no kids in jail for me to attempt to teach.

    • Yes, please tell me where you are. We also ran a program in three adult jails and had all of the services included and held graduations. We are in Alabama and tried to continue the program but the state department of education did not see this as a need and the program ended last fall.