Thank You For Your Donations

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Thanks to people like you who donated to our Center for Sustainable Journalism during 2018 NewsMatch, we raised more than $54,000.

With an increase of more than 200 percent in donations compared to NewsMatch in 2017, this was an inspiring and energizing way to head into 2019.

Via Youth Today, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, Bokeh Focus and The Georgia News Lab, the funds will be used to advance our youth justice and child welfare journalism and to pay for our student employees, every one of whom we pay and mentor to succeed on their educational journeys.

We’re so grateful for your support because nonprofit news organizations like ours can face significant challenges in producing the kind of transparent, accountability-driven reporting we strive for and you demand every day. Your support is also important to the marginalized youth, their families and the communities that our in-depth journalism serves.

Your contribution allows us to continue our important work and to continue telling the stories that matter to you and that help ensure all youth can reach their fullest potential with equal justice and opportunities for all.

Thank you so much for your investment in the Center for Sustainable Journalism. We know this type of reporting helps power a better-informed democracy — and we’re glad you do, too.  

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