Homelessness Advocates Tell of New Successes Via State Legislation

Some laws can make life exceptionally difficult for homeless and runaway youth. Whether it’s requiring parental consent to receive health care or demanding proof of residency to obtain a photo ID, unfriendly policies have left many service providers feeling frustrated and powerless to help. A small national nonprofit based in Washington is working to change that.

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Advice to my Brothers and Sisters Coming Home From the Inside

I was 16 when I went in and 23 when I came home. After seven years, I was willing to take on any obstacle that would come with being able to finally be home be with my family. Plus, anything beats waking up to the smell of cold cement walls!

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Listen to Crossover Girls Talk About Their Reality, Then Act

Recently, Rebecca Burney and Larson Binzer called for the voices of girls in the justice system to be heard. We extend their plea, adding the vitality of the voices of girls caught up not only in the justice system,