Judge Sets Date for Resentencing Evan Miller’s ‘Very Old Case’

More than four years after the Supreme Court ended mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juveniles, an Alabama judge has set a date for resentencing the teen killer whose name is on that landmark case.
Hundreds of other inmates have received new sentences since the justices handed down their ruling in Miller v. Alabama.
The judge could still send Miller back to prison for life without parole at the end of that proceeding.

Georgia Court: Students Can Stand Their Ground

Students’ right to self defense was recently upheld in a Georgia Court of Appeals case, in which a student claims she was wrongfully expelled under harsh zero-tolerance discipline policies that neglect state law’s protection.

Maltreatment of Youth in U.S. Juvenile Corrections Facilities: An Update

Casey: Time to Close ‘Youth Prisons’

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is throwing new weight into its campaign to close state juvenile correctional centers nationwide, saying they’ve effectively become “youth prisons” where teens are prone to being abused.