The Chicago Bureau

The Chicago Bureau, a partnership with the JJIE, is a sometimes multimedia, sometimes straight news, sometimes long form and always objective effort to cover a broad variety of reporting on youth issues from that city.

The Bureau is a collaboration between the JJIE and seasoned reporters and students and is led by Eric Ferkenhoff, a former criminal justice and education beat reporter with the Chicago Tribune who is currently a professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

His creation, The Chicago Bureau is a platform that seeks, “through an objective and narrow lens, to make sense of macro issues.” Now, through the JJIE, that reporting, that exploration of the issues and the lives of young people, will reach a wider readership.

The aim here is good, solid journalism, but this is also an effort to give voice to some of the nation’s most talented young journalists so they can give voice to other young people who have no voice at all.