Have Questions About Juvenile Indigent Defense? Get Some Answers!


On November 11th, JJIE rolled out the next section of our juvenile justice resource hub on juvenile indigent defense. To kick start the launch, JJIE led a compelling and informative live group video chat with key players in the Juvenile Indigent Defense reform movement—exploring youth’s rights and access to quality council and defense when they find themselves in court. Participants included Melissa Goemann, policy and research specialist at the National Juvenile Justice Network; Sue Burrell, staff attorney at the Youth  Law Center; Marsha Levick, deputy director and chief counsel at the Juvenile Law Center; and Tim Curry, managing attorney at the National Juvenile Defender Center.

It was a lively conversation focused on discussing youth and the defense system: What quality juvenile indigent defense is and looks like in practice, where reforms are being put in place across the country to ensure a fair justice system for youth, and the role of defenders in protecting children’s rights.

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