General Resources

The following general resources provide a wealth of information on many aspects of dual status youth.

Resources for Key Issues


Administration of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

  • The Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy, Practice & Statistics (JJGPS) online resource has a section titled, “Systems Integration,” which provides information and data on how juvenile justice systems integrate with other child and adolescent services systems.
  • “A Guide to Legal and Policy Analysis for Systems Integration” provides guidance in identifying and addressing legal and policy issues likely to arise when undertaking system integration efforts to better serve dual status youth.

Federal Initiatives on Dual Status Youth

Resources for Reform Trends

Cross-System Collaboration

Alternatives to Formal Processing and Detention

Collaborative Court Approaches

  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges’ Juvenile Delinquency Guidelines sets forth essential elements of effective practice for juvenile delinquency courts.

Permanency/Re-entry Planning

Information and Data Sharing

Youth and Family Engagement