Below, you’ll find organizations with expertise related to juvenile indigent defense. The list is not exhaustive, but should be useful for those who wish to learn more.

American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section, Juvenile Justice Committee
Special expertise: IJA/ABA standards for juvenile justice, expungement, juvenile appeals, juvenile life without parole, juvenile sex offenders, status offenders 

American Civil Liberties Union
Special expertise: access to quality defense counsel, conditions of confinement, and protecting basic constitutional rights. 

Human Rights Watch
Special expertise: conditions of confinement, access to counsel 

Juvenile Justice Center, Barry University School of Law
Special expertise: access to quality defense counsel, specialized training in juvenile law and advocacy 

Juvenile Law Center
Special expertise: diversion, competency, confidentiality, due process, self-incrimination, collateral consequences, expungement, transfer 

Louisiana State University Law School
Special expertise: juvenile law clinics, model training curriculum for juvenile law students

National Center for Youth Law
Special expertise: conditions of confinement, adolescent health and mental health, foster care, the special problems facing children in institutions, public benefits for children, and child abuse and neglect.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Special expertise: state legislative trends, indigence determination, waiver of counsel

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Special expertise: diversion, legal rights, prevention, trauma, specialty courts 

National Juvenile Defender Center
Special expertise: improved access to counsel, diversion, legal rights, juvenile defense bar standards, training resources for juvenile defenders, quality of representation for children in the justice system.

Regional Juvenile Defender Centers

Special expertise: advocating for education, mental & medical health services, safe living situations and other supports for youth in the justice system

Youth Law Center
Special expertise: access to adequate legal representation, detention and confinement reform, fiscal strategies, child welfare and juvenile justice law, keeping children out of adult jails