Talking Juvenile Justice: A Webinar with Photographer Richard Ross

On Monday, November 18th JJIE hosted a webinar with Richard Ross — a photographer, researcher and professor of art based in Santa Barbara, California. Ross has been the recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Fulbright, and the Center for Cultural Innovation.

In the webinar, Ross introduced us to his work within the juvenile justice system and discussed the imperative of photojournalists and journalists not only in documenting social injustices — but also using that work for policy reform. We learned about the importance of persistence in gaining access to the world of corrections and the power of one person with an idea to start a revolution.

Juvenile In JusticeRoss’ most recent project, turns a lens on the placement and treatment of American juveniles housed by law in facilities that treat, confine, punish, assist and, occasionally, harm them. Seven years in the making, the project includes more than 1,000 kids in juvenile detention and commitment facilities in 31 states. The project is a quest to make the lives of these forgotten kids visual and tangible.

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logoThis webinar is made possible by a grant by The Tow Foundation to advance’s in-depth coverage of youth justice issues, including underwriting’s New York City news bureau at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.