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I Thought I Could Help My Last Mentee — But I Was Wrong

It’s pretty to believe that if one only puts in the time, he can save a wayward child. It doesn’t always work out that way. The troubled boy I mentored for 6½ years, through a Norwalk, Conn., school volunteer program, fired me last May.

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Florida Legislature Must Spend to Further Reform Our Prisons, Help Offenders

Florida’s prison system is the third largest in the nation with approximately 95,000 inmates and nearly 164,000 offenders on probation. It’s clear that Florida does a tremendous job of incarceration but we have neglected rehabilitation for far too long. The one question we must ask ourselves when considering how to make long-term improvements to our criminal justice system is, “Are we fostering an environment for Floridians to leave prison better than when they entered?”